About our cause

What is Cause of Rugby?
We are a start-up social enterprise focused on improving, developing and growing rugby culture in Nepal. We aim to run a campaign to work with schools, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that focuses on developing children and youths; and Nepal Rugby Association, Official Governing Body; to deliver opportunities for young people through rugby. The vision and idea were born when the founders of Cause of Rugby simply reflected on: how rugby has developed each of them as a person; outside of running, catching and tackling within the white lines – rugby’s core values: Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship – has shaped their personalities, habits and behaviours.
The current objective is to help build similar platforms in Nepal, where rugby is only beginning to make a presence and inevitably deliver rugby’s culture, values and the love for the game.

What are we trying to do in UK?
The biggest gap in the UK lies in the disbanded “Nepalese rugby community”. Cause of Rugby aims to bring this community together and form a strong culture to generate ideas, presence and impetus towards the development of rugby in Nepal.
A significant fraction of Nepalese youth are keen rugby enthusiasts playing in various leagues across the UK. These leagues range from school rugby leagues to British Universities and College’s Sports (BUCS) league to local rugby union leagues functioning under the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

The idea is to establish a single banner, where each of our players/representatives can have access to a shared platform where great things can be born. We are calling this banner: Cause of Rugby.

What are we trying to do in Nepal?
Once we have a strong establishment in the UK, we want to be able to raise funds, incentives and innovative approaches to grow rugby in Nepal. One of the short-term ideas we are in the process of developing is ‘Tour’: with the capacity to develop it to a larger scale i.e. ‘gap-year programme’ in the long-term. The remit of a gap-year programme ought to include structured opportunities such as experiences in: teaching English, volunteering with NGO’s, building schools etc. whilst keeping rugby at the heart of the six month – one-year long programme.

In the meantime, ‘Tour’ (12-15 days) allows individuals from the UK to go to Nepal with raised funds and incentives such as gaining experience in player-coaching or donating rugby equipment to NGOs with the raised funds. Individuals on tour would be encouraged to practice their personal/professional rugby knowledge and expertise and help deliver tangible benefits by transferring their knowledge onto grassroots as well as amateur rugby players in Nepal. Tour will be a structured time period with the aim of visiting as many NGOs, schools and other similar organisations as possible. This will also be an opportunity to explore the great Himalayan ranges which we believe is our unique selling point (USP).

What does success look like?
Cause of Rugby aims to be a strong platform where rugby enthusiasts in the UK can benefit from sharing their knowledge in Nepal and gaining insightful experience of Nepalese culture in return. This collaboration will deliver insight to the sport for many Nepalese to inevitably generate a bigger pool of rugby talent in the long run. In effect, success will be when Nepal creates a strong presence in an international stage such as Asia Rugby and we believe the children and youths of today have the potential to achieve that, if we give them the responsibility and opportunities to do so.

Cause of Rugby aims to deliver opportunities and experience for children and youths in both Nepal and UK.

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